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Birthdate:Aug 15, 1988
Location:Liverpool, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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acheron, adoraboy, adrenaline, answering machines, arctic tundra, autumn smells, aww, backkom, being lovely, being sarcastic, belle, bill bailey, billie piper, blazerstaff, blushing, breaking rules, britishisms, cameras, cassie and sid, cheese, chocolate, concerts, converse, crayons, curly hair, daleks, david tennant, dispensable lists, distinct jewellery, dogs wet noses, doodling, durka, eatingspaces, emily browning, ericabugglebum, eye contact, falling over nothing, fast days, filling this up, forever united country klub, forever-united-country-klub-is-now-greater, freckles, freema agyeman, friending randoms, fury leika, gingers, giving whatever i can, glitter, golden delicious apple stickers, guy and girl, haircuts, hating you, having good hair, hearts, hoodies, hotpink & turquoise, hugs, icon making, impending doom!, john smith, kisses always, klubs, knut the bear, laughter, lazy days, leg disabled, legacy challenge, life in general, limitless things, loud music, make-up, making people undergo discomfort, making silly t-shirts, marek, mark, martha jones, masturbation, mdbsdk, meaningful lyrics, meep, milkshakes, mrk, mutant tuskaninnys, my baby, my creative zen, myspace, neopets, nostril flarage, parallel universes, perfection, peril!, phone calls, polar bears, polarbears, punching, pva glue, rain streaks down windows, raising eyebrows, random snapshots, rekdu, retina burning colours, reverential, romantic and original events, rose tyler, ross noble, royal cybunnies, ruling singstar, schmee, schmoo, secretswapuk, sequins, sex, sharing music, shera princess of power, shopping, shouting obnoxiously loud, small details, smiles, snorgles, snow blankets, snuggles, sonic screwdrivers, standing up too fast, stars, steven moffat, strawberries, stripes, sunshine through trees, surprises, tardis, text messages, the doctor, the moon, the worlds enormity, things that glow-in-the-dark, those last minutes, time travel in cars, time travel in phoneboxes, ts2, twirling, twitching, ultimate showdowns, water, webcam plx, wkd, writing rambling letters, you, yummy food being healthy, zombies inventively losing heads,

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